Xinwei Telecom
Xinwei is the leading provider of wireless technology and services in China with its self-developed TD-SCDMA and McWill technology, which have been accepted as ITU standards. It is the only Chinese company that holds ITU standards. is the leading local platform in China by offering local business search, user generated reviews, detailed business information, featured discounts, group buying and other merchant services through and mobile apps.


Champion of the Earth
Champion of the Earth is the leading new environmental protection material manufacturer with breakthrough technology and knowhow. The company develops a new degradable material using calcium carbonate powder which can replace traditional resin (a petroleum based material) as raw material. The new material can also be used to produce paper and wallpaper, which represents a large and steadily growing market.
Typmar is the world’s leading small-to-medium vertical magnetic levitation (Maglev) wind turbine manufacturer. It is the only company in China that has successfully commerialized its products through wide application in street lights, surveillance cameras and telecom base stations etc. The company has been approved to establish national standards for vertical wind turbine industry.
ET Medical
ET Medical is a leading researcher, manufacturer and operator of gamma ray medical equipment in China with high growth and handsome profit margin. The product is the most advanced Fourth Generation Gamma Knife. ET has unique business model of operating the Gamma knife Centers, and it has self-owned intellectual property and patents.
Greenbio is the only PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates, a bio-degradable material) producer in the globe that has the capacity of scale production. Greenbio was selected to be the top one of the Forbes "China's Science and Technology Pioneer" in clean technology time in 2008. It was also selected to be the "Top 50 Valuable Ventures" by Zero2IPO in 2009.
Dehong Cashmere
Dehong is one of the leading cashmere related product manufacturers in the world.The company controls about 10% of the limited  worldwide supply of cashmere resources. It is also the first in China to introduce the most advanced cashmere fabric production technology.
Buchang Group
Buchang is China's leading cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pharmaceutical group. It is also the pharmaceutical group with most Chinese medicine patents and most patented herbal products in the world. The unique products, which are well protected by patents, bring it higher profitability than its counterparts. Also, its leading marketing networks in China help it build up strong platform value in China's pharmaceutical industry.
Youjia Mica
Youjia is the leading synthetic mica producer in the world with 80% of the market share in high-end synthetic mica product market. The major clients include Merck, BASF, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, etc.
Pengai Hospital Group
Pengai Hospital Group is engaged in the cosmetic medical treatment business through hospitals and clinics which conduct both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The group is one of the largest privately-owned cosmetic surgery hospitals in China.
Tongli Optoelectronic

Jiangyin Tongli Optoelectronic Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in the development and production of TFT LCD ( FPD ) functional film and new soft plastic packaging material.

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