Ted Rule

Mr. Rule, Australian citizen, is the managing partner of TDR Capital. He is also the director of the Sydney listed company Davnet Ltd. He served as the Trade Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of Trade and was the adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia on China trade matters.

During his time working for Standard Chartered Bank in the capacity of executive director responsible for China operation, He was involved in the establishments of Chinese B-Share and H-Share markets. Mr. Rule was the Executive Director and then Managing Director of Asian Infrastructure Fund and raised a US$800 million fund dedicated to infrastructure in Asia. Mr. Rule was the Managing Director of Zhonghua Investment, the Oppenheimer investment fund in China. He raised capital for and then served on the board of China Assets Management Ltd., the first venture capital fund in China. Mr. Rule was the co-founder and General Manager of Neal Rule and Associates, the first Australian China trade company. Neal Rule and Associates was the first Australian company and one of the first foreign companies to establish offices in China.

Mr. Rule received his Master degree in Asian Studies from Australian National University and BA (Hons) from University of Melbourne. He speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese.

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